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Project Description
RoboZip combines MS Robocopy and Zip-functionality. Start RoboZip with arguments or create a job and RoboZip will zip all files (from a list of filetypes) within a time span in the past. The zip file name can contain date and time values of the time period it covers. It's developed in C#. The zip component is the DotNetZip Library from The logging is done using Apache log4net from

Besides the functionality the project attempts to follow the basics of clean code developing, e.g.
  • write small classes / methods and give them speaking names
  • write UNIT tests
  • separation of concerns
  • loose coupling
  • DRY (don't repeat yourself)
  • YAGNI (you ain't gonna need it)
  • use a source code control system

Please follow the Documentation to see how the project grows. Not all (possible) features will be implemented immediatly. Even in this little project there are many tasks that are more or less new to me - I only have an idea of how I should do things. You're invited to help me doing things better ;-)

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