Central Processing Module

Description of the central job processing module
The next question is how to design the job processing module. So let's write a list with the functionalities we need:
  • To tell the programm the details of the job we need a parser for program arguments. As arguments we accept a list of switches or the name of a job file. The arguments must be validated. If a job passes the check, it will be stored in a job objcect.
  • As the programm must be able to run different jobs, we should put job objects in a collection.
  • We need a scheduler that times the zip jobs.
  • Another component should start the zip component and document the result.
  • Only one single instance of the program should run. See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms996475.aspx#reaworapps1_topic5 for details.
For the moment I've no more ideas. I'll see later what is missing.

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